Rasha Vrede

Biography Rasha vrede


Rasha is a passionate dancer and teacher. Her life’s journey, spanning the Middle East, Europe, and travels around the globe, has provided her with abundant opportunities for cultural collaboration. These experiences have fueled Rasha’s mission to foster respect, love, and unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds and spiritual traditions.

During her personal journey, Rasha discovered the captivating path of whirling dance, also known as Sema or Sufi dance. Rooted in the depths of Sufism, this sacred practice serves as a spiritual conduit for inner transformation, harmonizing the body, mind, and soul through meditation, breathing, and fluid movement.

Having completed her training, Dervish In Progress with the international contemporary whirling dancer Ziya Azazi, Rasha is now a recognized instructor. She shares her profound knowledge, infusing her teachings with influences from her richly diverse background. Committed to personal growth and development, she continuously seeks wisdom from various teachers and sources along the boundless path of love.

Through her mesmerizing whirling dance, Rasha has unlocked the power to touch the souls of others, revealing a profound sense of liberation and connection. Her classes create a sanctuary, nurturing individuals as they delve into their inner realms of silence and rediscover their inherent bond with the universe.

Dance, music, and mysticism have ignited an impassioned flame within Rasha’s being. Despite receiving little initial support from her immediate surroundings, she pursued studies in sports instruction, hotel and hospitality management. Working as an international tour and bookings manager, Rasha’s life took an abrupt turn in 2016 when tragedy struck, and she lost her beloved son at the tender age of 14. This heartbreaking event propelled Rasha to heed the call of her heart, sparking her passion for dance through the mystical path of Sufism. 

Whirling dance became her sanctuary—a homecoming that brought tears of joy to her eyes from the very first experience. It transcended mere movement, evolving into a sacred prayer, a profound connection, and a holistic way of life, bestowing upon her a newfound sense of liberation.

Rasha has graced prestigious stages and events, enchanting audiences with her energy and grace. Notable performances include the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Souk Amsterdam Arabic Festival, Musica Mundo (Rhythms of the World), Graceland Festival, and the Sufi Temple in Katwijk. Collaborating with esteemed musicians such as Farid Sheek, Danial Moazeni, and Sinan Arat.

Currently based in the Netherlands, Rasha continues to thrive on the path of her artistic and spiritual journey, tirelessly inspiring others through her profound artistry and devotion.