Whirling workshops offer a unique opportunity for participants to experience a deep sense of connection and freedom using whirling as a tool. The whirling dance is an active meditation form that allows you to connect with your inner self and experience inner silence.

By turning, we enter into a trance-like state that allows us to experience both freedom and connection with our own souls while freeing us from our minds and physical bodies. This liberating dance helps balance our energetic systems and release energy blocks, allowing energy to flow freely throughout our body.

The spiral shape of energy, seen in everything from planets and galaxies to our own bodies, makes whirling a natural form of movement. As a result, whirling aligns and connects us with everything else in existence.

This holistic method draws inspiration from traditional whirling dervish techniques but also incorporates contemporary dance to create a unique and accessible experience. Through this practice, you can expand your awareness and connect with your body to promote healing and balance. This workshop is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level of dance experience or spiritual background.

Join us in our whirling workshop and discover the transformative power of this practice. 

  • Learn the history and philosophy behind whirling dance
  • Discover the benefits of whirling as a form of meditation 
  •  Explore the basic techniques of whirling dance 
  • Experience the joy and freedom of whirling dance